Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Monica's Music Moment & A Special Shout Out

There's been so much frustration in the blogosphere lately and most of it is totally justified.  However, I want to take a moment to say that it's not all negative with doom and gloom. Because of blogging I have 'met' some awesome women who are truly an inspiration to me. I have seriously considered letting my blog go dormant many times over the last year, but because of some of my book buddies I have held on and kept going. Whenever I felt like I was just talking to myself here, someone would comment, like, or send me a message saying something positive. It only takes one person to give a thumbs up to help boost a person. Simple acts of kindness really go a long way!

Sharonda over at Brazen Babe Reviews does a Tuesday Jams on her blog that I love because she always picks music that makes me jam in my seat. I love her segment so much that I am copying her and will occasionally do my own version. My picks will more than likely consist of mostly older music, because-you know- I'm older! Like in my reading tastes, my taste in music is eclectic. From Prince to Journey, Missy Elliot to Tina Marie, Busta Rhymes to Phil Collins, Toby Keith to Jill Scott, and White Snake to Bell Biv Devoe. I listen to and jam to it all. So I hope that you enjoy my picks that will be all over the place with no rhyme or reason!

My first music moment is dedicated to the awesome bloggers who have welcomed me into their fold, given me advice when I asked, and supported me when I needed it! We all read across the romance spectrum and they have opened my eyes to quite a lot. Sharonda at Brazen Babe Reviews with her unique and down to earth take on everything. Patrice over at Musing of a Romance Junkie with all of her honest and hard hitting opinions that she fearlessly posts even when she hears the thunder in the distance and knows that lightning will follow. Coco over at CoCo Fierce Book Blog whose quiet and calm demeanor is always appreciated. Last, but not least, Marcia over at Bookswagger, who is a reviewer with her own flair and best of all, is a bit of a book collector, so when I talk to her about having lots of books sitting around I don't feel alone in my hoarding ways. 

I also don't want to forget two other blogs that I follow, although I don't know these ladies as well, I just stalk them a little on a regular basis. They are wonderful resources when I want to see what is happening in the Young Adult/New Adult reading world. My Reading Nook, run by Coco (not the same as Coco Fierce!) who reads a little of everything too, but she specifically looks out for diverse contemporary romances. Also, Twinja Book Reviews, run by Guinevere and Libertad. These two young women feature multicultural YA and NA books like you wouldn't believe. They are truly an eclectic and fun duo to follow. 

If you aren't familiar with the blogs that I've mentioned, and would like to support blogs that feature WOC year round, not just during the month of February, check out the blogs run by these awesome women. Keep doing your thing ladies, we see you!

Finally, much love to everyone who stops by, supports my brand of eclectic reading, and are still sticking around through the changes that I am making here! If you are looking for more books that feature POC don't forget to check out my Pinterest boards. I have boards for AA romance, general fiction, a new board for nonfiction. I also have multicultural romance and general fiction boards. As DMX says...

Da det-Da det-Da det-Da det!


  1. Awe so sweet. You would be the super positive see the bright side of everything but if you mad then oh they really "done wrong" plus I'm always in your side bar stealing your up in coming reads😄

    1. I'm grateful to you ladies! Sometimes you have to say thank you out loud and not just assume you all know how much I appreciate you! Keep stealing those reads!

  2. Blogs like yours breathe life into us <3<3<3

    1. Thanks SO MUCH GL! You don't know how much that means to bloggers to hear that people actually read and enjoy their posts!


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