Friday, March 18, 2016

Seduced by Sin: Sean (Rugged Riders Book 3) by Ambrielle Kirk

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A bad boy with a commitment phobia living on the edge... 
Sean Brooks doesn't play by the rules. The notorious bad boy retired from his career as a NASCAR driver to pursue his most rebellious endeavor--street racing. By day he's a savvy, real estate investor, but at night he takes on a different persona as a risk-taking daredevil. He keeps a low-profile and vows to never become blindsided again by women looking for one thing--money. He'll date them, but he has a hard time trusting them. Yet, he will f**k them. 

A pastor's daughter struggling to find her own way... 
Karlina Nguyen is sick of false promises. Ever since she moved to a new city to start what would've been the best job for her, the company closes its doors before she could earn her first paycheck. The part-time office job she found at the last minute barely covers her rent and student loan bills. Now she's down on her luck, living in a condo she can't afford and her bank balance is running low. She needs To avoid moving back to the small town that she dreads so much, Karlina takes drastic measures. She agrees to become an escort in exchange for cash. All she has to do is be a pretend girlfriend for one night. 

Sometimes it takes sacrifice to mend a broken heart... 
When Karlina meets Sean, he has sex and sin written all over him. One night isn't enough for her, and she agrees to see him again. Their relationship blossoms beyond their escort agreement, sparking an emotional attachment. They'll have to work through the issues standing in their way, but do they have a chance with each other once the heart is shattered? Sean won't give up easily. Just this once, Karlina will bend her rules to play the game of seduction. 

Author's Note: The Rugged series stories can be read as stand-alone contemporary romance books. Each one features a different couple (bad boy & alpha male included) and concludes on a happy ending. 

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