Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Christmas Tree Guy by Railyn Stone Review

THE CHRISTMAS TREE GUY by Railyn Stone features a heroine that made me want to shake my head. Sydnee is in her thirties, divorced, and the mother of twin boys. She is also a woman with little confidence. I found myself often wanting Sydnee to be more secure in herself and realize that she is more empowered than she thinks. She does have the help and support of family and friends, but she also puts a lot of importance on their opinions. Sydnee is definitely one of those characters who needed to get out of their own way. Most of the issues that were faced were given more importance by Sydnee than they deserved. I love to have heroines who have to overcome personal insecurities and challenges, but it was almost as if Sydnee didn't want to find happiness for herself. Being hesitant and cautious when entering into a relationship that will have unique challenges is one thing, but self sabotage is trying to witness.

Quinn on the other hand, was much more likable from beginning to end. There were times where I would not have blamed him if he had just walked away from Sydnee all together. Quinn is younger by about eight years than Sydnee, but exhibited much more self confidence and willingness to face adversities. I hate to say it, but Quinn's dedication to winning Sydnee was on the verge of being a wasted effort. 

With all of that being said, I did empathize with Sydnee. Being left by a man that you loved and had planned to grow old with is devastating. Especially when you are also left to raise two small children without their father. Not rooting whole heartedly for Sydnee makes me feel a little like the Wicked Witch; but I really wanted her to get a grip, woman up, and grab her piece of young, hot, virile happiness. 

I enjoyed Stone's writing style so I will be checking out more from her in the future. I'll just keep my fingers crossed that future heroines have a little more chutzpah!

Happy Reading!

**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**

About the Author

Railyn Stone, author of The Christmas Tree Guy and A Secret to Keep, lives in North Carolina with her husband. When she's not behind the screen of her laptop, she's usually enjoying time with her family. The only child of two educators, she learned early on just how magical words can be.

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