Saturday, March 19, 2016

When the Smoke Clears by Kenya Wright

He was a fire starter.

I didn’t care that he wore a firefighter uniform.

He was a fire starter.

And as soon as our gazes met, he set a blaze through my body.


Just released from the mental hospital for harming her ex-husband, Kassie is in no mood to date men. Now a newly single mother, she’s focused on raising her son. She also has to get her career as an author back on track and rediscover her passion for writing.

Kassie has things to do.

But Lorenzo comes into her life. This gorgeous fire fighter that isn’t used to hearing the word no. He’s more than a heated distraction. He’s an erotic inferno of lust and everything warm.

The chase begins.

Neither are ready. There’s too much at stake for both of them. They’ve both been broken and betrayed. Both misused and abused.

Yet sensual flames surround them. Desire burns and twists with wet kisses on a moonlit beach. And they’re both caught up. And they’re both intoxicated with the other. So hot, sex ignites into something more. And both are wondering, who will be standing, when the smoke clears?

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