Monday, March 28, 2016

World Apart (The Beginning) by Nikqufa Pryce

Nia Grayson’s career as a fashion editor for AdorĂ© Magazine in Manhattan, New York, left her with no time to pursue a personal relationship. Her demanding schedule had always been able to provide her with uncountable excuses to avoid dating until an unexpected approach by a handsome Middle Eastern bachelor, Damair Kaadir, changed everything. Damair’s request for her to meet with him suddenly leaves Nia out of excuses and feeling extremely intrigued. 

He was well known for his unmannered demeanor and for the short term relationships he engaged in with the women who agreed to his terms. How will Nia fit into his plans? 

While their relationship progressed into more than what they had both agreed to, it’s discovered that growing up a “World Apart” isn’t an issue until, Damair's hurtful secrets are revealed to Nia. His deceptions then exposed her to an unexpected side of the charming man she had fallen for. 
As the truth about Damair and his family’s obligations threaten their relationship, Nia wonders, has it all been for nothing? Is this the beginning of her worst nightmare as she discovers that Damair is much more than what he had led her to believe? Or, is it possible for their relationship to survive even though they’re a World Apart?

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