Thursday, April 7, 2016

Blues Dancing by Diane McKinney-Whetstone

Today's Throwback Thursday featured book takes on addiction, divided loyalties and passions. The characters in BLUES DANCING have to face their individual ability and willingness to face personal shortcomings, weaknesses, and demons that still haunt them. Each carries guilt and darkness that eventually taints them all. Looking at complicated and ugly relationships, McKinney-Whetstone provided an engrossing read that I remember enjoying very much. 

Happy Reading!

Verdi and Rowe have been living a comfortable existence for the past twenty years. She was the pampered daughter of a prosperous rural preacher when she came to Philadelphia in the seventies -- and he was a conservative professor at the university she was attending, the man who rescued Verdi from an ugly addiction, and left his sophisticated wife for her when he fell in love with the confused young southern girl. It was another student, a poor and militant city boy named Johnson, who awakened Verdi's passionate heart and taught her to love heroin. But Johnson was an obsession Verdi closed her eyes to but never got over, and now he has come back into her life -- rekindling with one look the fire that still smolders in the ashes of the past, sending them both skidding dangerously and uncontrollably toward the mad desires of their youth. 

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