Thursday, April 21, 2016

Enthrall: A Found by You Novella by Victoria H. Smith

He’s wicked… 

Diondre Combs. And everything about him tells me that’s true. 

He’s intense, all fire and flame, and that’s only his pace at half speed. A rising athlete, he takes what he wants and is completely unashamed about his needs… no matter how visceral they may be. 

My job as head of security should be easy. It was easy once upon a time. I put out the flames. I kill the speed, but the moment Diondre walks into my club everything changes. That speed becomes increasingly hard to slow down, and that fire, I not only stoke… 

But let it burn. 

“Enthrall: A Found by You Novella” is book 3.5 in the FOUND BY YOU series and is also a part of the Club Prestige Collection. The 30,000-word story is a standalone and is about Griffin Chandler’s good friend and college roommate Diondre Combs. It’s also 18+ for sexual content, graphic language, and general Diondre “D” Combs debauchery. 

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