Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Marco (The Men of Indecent Exposure Book 1) by Raven St. Pierre Review

MARCO is a steamy strangers to lovers story with a twist. We often get New Adult stories where the heroine is an exotic dancer (stripper) or has a profession outside of the norm, but in this case, the roles are reversed and it is Marco who provides erotic entertainment for women. With Marco being the exotic dancer, St. Pierre changes the roles, and tests whether or not women are willing to accept the idea of a long term relationship with a very attractive man who provides titillating entertainment to other women. Whether women are willing to take a relationship with a man who earns a living selling sensuality via his body seriously, and if they can accept a stripper as a candidate for a forever love that includes a family. Granted, Brynn really doesn't have much choice in whether or not she takes Marco seriously after their one reckless, but passionate, encounter. 

St. Pierre takes her time building the relationship between Marco and Brynn, so there were a few sections that felt slower than others. However, Marco would be a good read for fans of stories that features a stripper with a heart of gold who proves to be more than what others would expect from them. 

Happy Reading!

**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**

Who is Marco Rios? 

Most would say guys like him are only good at one thing… breaking hearts. 
By day he’s a tattoo artist who took the plunge and started his own business, but by night… 

He’ll be whoever you want him to be—a wet dream in the flesh. 

Brynn Palmer was content, enjoying her low-key life, one that rarely sprouted surprises. That is, until she crossed paths with the force better known as Marco. 

It was only one night, but that one night changed everything. 

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