Thursday, May 26, 2016

Empyrean: Return of the Fire Faery by T.H. Bolden

I don't read YA/Teen books, that's just not what I gravitate towards; I barely venture into NA books. But if you do check out this new release from T.H. Bolden (Twyla Turner). It's also a crazy bargain at only 99 cents! It looks like an interesting read and actually makes me question whether or not I want to take a little trip into the world of teens. It's also the very first teen book that I have ever featured here on the blog!

Happy Reading!

Imogen Ferris's life has been turned upside down. She's lost both of her parents within six months of each other. Leaving her an orphan in an abusive foster home. To top it off, she's become a social outcast because her ex-best friend has spread lies about her family throughout Red Rock High. Life couldn't get much worse for the seventeen-year-old who feels as if she belongs nowhere. But the death of a classmate hits Imogen hard and nearly sends her over the edge. 

Seeking out the comfort of her family's former sacred sanctuary, a place known to have mysterious magical powers, Imogen finds herself being forced into a world she could've never imagined. A world where mythical creatures just might exist. Both her world and the other are in danger and she may be the key to everyone's survival. If she can just learn to believe in herself. 

Recruiting the help of a gorgeous prince and a majestic, yet meddlesome mythical creature. She just might succeed. 

This teen may learn more about herself, her strength, and her ability to love than she had ever planned. And in the process, perhaps find where she truly belongs. 

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