Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Awakening by Devon Scott

Devon Scott is a new to me author, but one that I am looking forward to reading. Scott is yet another African American man writing fiction with a touch of sensual romance. I think that I may be missing out!

Happy Reading!

Some passions never let you forget. . .

Taj has a successful career, a loving fiancée, and a life full of promise. Cheyenne has all the security money can bring, thanks to her powerful husband, and her own soul-stirring talent. But one chance encounter during the holidays sweeps these two back into a wrenching past they thought they'd put behind them. As they desperately try to face down a secret they've never dared share with anyone else, the desire that saved their lives reignites. And it's tearing apart everything they've achieved, revealing unthinkable truths, and sending their perfect lives into a nightmarish tailspin. . .

Now the only way Taj and Cheyenne can fight their shattering ordeal is to go back to where it all began. And letting their passion consume them may be their only chance to put the past to rest--unless it burns too hot to survive. . . 

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