Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Book Sales

Happy Friday all! Here are a few book bargains to get your weekend started.

Happy Reading!

On sale for 99 cents

**BONUS BOOK: Seduced by Sin contains the BONUS book Driven by Desire FREE for a LIMITED TIME only with your purchase.** 

A bad boy with a commitment phobia living on the edge… 
Sean Brooks doesn’t play by the rules. The notorious bad boy retired from his career as a NASCAR driver to pursue his most rebellious endeavor—street racing. By day he’s a savvy, real estate investor, but at night he takes on a different persona as a risk-taking daredevil. He keeps a low-profile and vows to never become blindsided again by women looking for one thing—money. He’ll date them, but he has a hard time trusting them. Yet, he will f**k them. 

A pastor’s daughter struggling to find her own way… 
Karlina Nguyen is sick of false promises. Ever since she moved to a new city to start what would’ve been the best job for her, the company closes its doors before she could earn her first paycheck. The part-time office job she found at the last minute barely covers her rent and student loan bills. Now she’s down on her luck, living in a condo she can’t afford and her bank balance is running low. She needs money…fast. To avoid moving back to the small town that she dreads so much, Karlina takes drastic measures. She agrees to become an escort in exchange for cash. All she has to do is be a pretend girlfriend for one night. 

Sometimes it takes sacrifice to mend a broken heart… 
When Karlina meets Sean, he has sex and sin written all over him. One night isn’t enough for her, and she agrees to see him again. Their relationship blossoms beyond their escort agreement, sparking an emotional attachment. They’ll have to work through the issues standing in their way, but do they have a chance with each other once the heart is shattered? Sean won’t give up easily. Just this once, Karlina will bend her rules to play the game of seduction. 

On sale for 99 cents and you can the audio of $1.99 

A billionaire CEO and leader of the largest East Coast pride, Arik is a ladies man and a lion. Used to commanding others, and obedience, he can't believe it when a hairdresser with tempting curves chops off a hunk of his precious mane.

But her biggest mistake is in running from him.

Run as fast as you can, little mouse, because this cat loves to chase--and pounce.

Oh, and he also likes to nibble on tender bits. What he doesn't expect is to fall for a human woman, a woman who can make the impossible happen because everyone knows lions can't purr...until now.

On sale for 99 cents

You can read my review of this one here

THE BEGINNING - A Duet: Ryder & Two Worlds Colliding is a compilation of TWO books that starts off the Scorpio Stinger Series. 
It contains: 
Ryder (Prequel) Book 0.5 
Two Worlds Colliding Book 1 
5 Bonus Chapters 

The Princess & The Biker 
A modern day Romeo & Juliet story. 

Ryder Knox wants freedom from the hatred churning in his gut. Saved by the Scorpio Stingers MC boys, he owes his life and allegiance to them—they are his family. 
He doesn’t need a smart mouthed woman who pushes every one of his buttons. But he can’t get Jade out of his head. 

Jade Summers is a good girl. She wants a man just like her lawyer daddy. 
Not the alpha male biker who storms into her life, who looks like a sex god with tattoos and piercings. He’s demanding, controlling and won’t take no for an answer. 
Their chemistry is off the charts and they are drawn to one another like magnets. Neither can resist the other. 

Two worlds collide. Their families are determined to tear them apart. 
With everything stacked against them, is what they have strong enough to overcome the odds? 
They must choose: family or one another. 
The ultimate price may be too high. 
Will their polar opposite worlds destroy and rip them apart forever? 

This book is intended for mature audiences (18+) due to language and adult sexual situations that may be uncomfortable for some readers. 

99 cents

Trauma, isolation, courage, love. . . Anxious Love 

Hopeful about his future after overcoming loss, Ryan Ware is living his dream life as a first round draft pick. He’s enjoying every crazy minute of fame, fortune, and gorgeous women. 

Despite being the most sought-after writer in romance, severe anxiety keeps Leah Jones isolated. Having a regimented life keeps the triggers at bay that could put her back in the hospital, perhaps permanently. 

A chance meeting in New Orleans, Leah’s brown eyes capture Ryan’s heart, and he vows to learn more about this reclusive beauty. 

Can Leah’s anxieties withstand Ryan’s crazy life? Can Ryan learn enough about real love to be the right man for Leah? 

99 cents

Some call me a prick. Others call me a criminal. Turns out I’m both. 


Rust Blackwood is everything I was warned about and more. Rude, arrogant, and carrying a ton of baggage. Yep, that's him. Everyone told me he was bad news. My own father, the boss of the Hell’s Wheels, wouldn’t do business with the man. 

I should have listened. Rust is not the man to trust. He’s not the man I should get married to. 

But I can’t stay away. It's the way he handles me. The way he grips his hands around my waist. Even when he mutters those dirty words, I know I should start running. 

Rust is damaged goods. And I want him to claim every last bit of me. 


There’s only one thing in this world I care more about than my crew, and that’s beautiful women. 

But ending up with a woman like Jackie Matthews is not high up on my bucket list. She’s way too innocent and her family is well connected. But she’s one of the little guys. She’s too kind-hearted. 

I should have left her alone. But when I have a taste of something sweet, chances are I’ll be back for more. 

Someone should have warned her about a guy like me. Now she’s mine. 

Free at posting & you can add audio for $2.99

When Dani's sheltered life is turned upside down by her mother's secrets, she finds protection with her estranged outlaw father. Against all warnings, she falls for bad boy biker, Shadow. He is beast and beauty sealed in a leather cut with a gun holster. Can Dani learn to live within the Club rules? Is she more like her father than she could imagine? 

Shadow has grown up among drug addicts, whores and murderers. The only family he's ever trusted has been the Devil's Dust motorcycle club. He will do anything for a brother; even kill. In fact, killing is so easy, he's made a career of it. His one regret is not being able to kill his own worthless mother. When Dani shows up with her provocative temper and innocent charm, Shadow begins to question his violent lifestyle. But can he trust her with his demons? 
Will Dani and Shadow let family ties destroy them? 

On sale for 99 cents

A dragon shifter stirs and wakens in a cave beneath Inverness, deep in the Scottish Highlands. The cave’s the same and his hoard intact, yet something’s badly amiss. Determined to set whatever’s gone wrong to rights, Lachlan Moncrieffe ventures above ground—and wishes he hadn’t. His castle’s gone, replaced by ungainly row houses. Men aren’t wearing plaids, and women scarcely wear anything at all, particularly the woman who accosts him with unseemly banter. What manner of wench is she to dress so provocatively? 

In Inverness for a year on a psychiatry fellowship, Dr. Maggie Hibbins watches an oddly dressed man pick his way out of a heather and gorse thicket. Even though it runs counter to her better judgment, she teases him about his strange attire. He looks so lost—and so unbelievably, knock-out gorgeous —she takes a chance and stands him a meal. Lachlan’s shock when he picks up a local newspaper at a pub is so palpable, Maggie jumps in with both feet. 

She knew something was off, but the hard-to-accept truth bashes gaping holes in her equilibrium. He looks odd, sounds odd, acts odd because he’s a refugee from another era. Her half-baked seduction scheme takes a hike, but her carefully constructed life is still about to change forever. Born of powerful witches, Maggie runs headlong into the myth and magic that are her birthright. 

On sale for $1.99

When Mary Boleyn comes to court as an innocent girl of fourteen, she catches the eye of the handsome and charming Henry VIII. Dazzled by the king, Mary falls in love with both her golden prince and her growing role as unofficial queen. However, she soon realizes just how much she is a pawn in her family’s ambitious plots as the king’s interest begins to wane, and soon she is forced to step aside for her best friend and rival: her sister, Anne. With her own destiny suddenly unknown, Mary realizes that she must defy her family and take fate into her own hands. 

With more than one million copies in print and adapted for the big screen, The Other Boleyn Girl is a riveting historical drama. It brings to light a woman of extraordinary determination and desire who lived at the heart of the most exciting and glamorous court in Europe, and survived a treacherous political landscape by following her heart.

On sale for 99 cents

A beautiful captive… 
Ella is a healer, a precious secret kept in seclusion by the Temple. She’s been raised to be a moneymaker for them, since she can heal anything. 

But she doesn’t want to live inside a cage. She longs for freedom. 

Then her whole life changes when she’s abducted by the alien rebel leader. 

A lonely alpha… 
Marco is a man of secrets. He wants to convince Ella to be his mate. He’s been alone on Kador for a very long time, surrounded by the Zua he protects but never one of them. 

And the clock is ticking for them… 
But the Temple is ready to strike the rebel forces to recover their precious secret, and they’ll use everything that they have to get Ella back. 

On sale for 99 cents

Susan Bevans is intimately acquainted with heartbreak and betrayal. For a change of scenery, she pursues a new direction in the beautiful country of Belize. For a change of heart, she agrees to a hare-brained scheme involving fake fun, fake dates, and fake kisses. It's all just pretend. 

Or is it? 

Archie Hamilton is more than the art on his skin and the beard on his face. And despite the pretenses, Susan is very close to losing her heart to him... for real. Can this L.A. baby tame the Know-It-All?

99 cents

Mia Johnson is a girl with a past, but she's never let her past define her and she isn't about to start now. She has her eyes set on the future, a future where the perfect black Prince Charming will come rescue her and whisk her off to enjoy the love of a lifetime. 

There's only one problem. 

Peyton Lowry, Spencer Braden's handsome business partner, is constantly getting under her skin. Will he be able to break down her walls and give her the fairy tale ending she never knew she wanted? Or will prejudice and insecurities keep her from taming the right Mr. Charming?

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