Monday, July 4, 2016

Awakening by Devon Scott Review

Wow, and not in a good way. I really wanted to enjoy this book and was very excited about reading a Devon Scott book for the first time, but this was not a good read for me. I can't decide if this is a case of bait and switch, or if I was just completely wrong in my perception of what I was going to get. There is no sense of a great romance or strong sense of love between Cheyenne and her husband Malcolm, or Taj and his fiance Nicole, or even Taj and Cheyenne for that matter. I thought that I was going to get some sort of romantic love somewhere in this story, but that was not to be. That would have been fine, if what I had gotten was a story with a well formed full circle moment that made sense, but I didn't really get that either. 

Cheyenne and Taj have kept their shared horror a secret from the world and after a chance encounter in New York, things begin to quickly unravel for them both. Cheyenne's husband proves to be a jerk of the first order, and what I would consider abusive as well, yet he's still a good husband? Taj won't open up to Nicole, even to put her mind at ease with partial truths, and she is supposed to be his soul mate? What Cheyenne and Taj have endured would scar anyone, yet they never received any help from professionals to help them work through their traumas. This didn't make any sense to me, especially when there was supposedly some kind of financial compensation later on. There were a few other details that didn't seem to sync up that I can't disclose because they are spoilers. Suffice it to say that they were all 'what the heck' moments. Taj's and Cheyenne's individual full circle moments brings them back to the same place and what happens between them did not sit well considering how the book ends. MAN! Everything that bothers me would make this review full of spoilers. I can say that Taj and Cheyenne did not come to a place to heal together, they moved through things separately, and only ended up back in the same place by coincidence, which was probably meant to have been interpreted as a fated encounter.

If you are looking for a romance, this isn't one. If you are looking for a story where two people live through a horror and you are taken along on an emotionally charged and poignant journey with them, this ain't the one. It wasn't easy, but I did actually finish the story. Scott had me hoping all the way until the last chapter that something, anything, would miraculously happen to make me say that it was a good story. However, that didn't happen either. In the end, I was simply left frustrated and disappointed. Oh, well, you can't love them all!

Happy Reading!

Some passions never let you forget. . .

Taj has a successful career, a loving fiancée, and a life full of promise. Cheyenne has all the security money can bring, thanks to her powerful husband, and her own soul-stirring talent. But one chance encounter during the holidays sweeps these two back into a wrenching past they thought they'd put behind them. As they desperately try to face down a secret they've never dared share with anyone else, the desire that saved their lives reignites. And it's tearing apart everything they've achieved, revealing unthinkable truths, and sending their perfect lives into a nightmarish tailspin. . .

Now the only way Taj and Cheyenne can fight their shattering ordeal is to go back to where it all began. And letting their passion consume them may be their only chance to put the past to rest--unless it burns too hot to survive. . .

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