Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bluest of Blue (#dirtysexygeeks Book 3) by Melissa Blue

When her ex shattered her privacy, revealing all of her secrets to the world, Sophie Lake made a few unspoken promises to herself: 

1. Never have sex with a client. Again. 
2. When a man tells you who he is, believe him. 
3. Never give a man the power to break you. 

For two years she’s managed to live by those rules. She has a career to focus on. Celebrities reputations to fix, and her newest client may be her biggest PR challenge. Promoting an observatory should be a cake walk and would be but for Dr. Wade Addison. The former boy genius is prickly, impatient...handsome...sexy as sin... more interested in how her legs look in heels than in pretending to be a people-person. 

Asshole, F**ker, Pain In The Ass... 

Wade Addison considers those fairly accurate alternatives to his name. He's not normal, he's an outsider and he prefers it that way, which is why Sophie is his own personal hell. She wants to take all his knowledge and quirks and turn him into a sound bite for the observatory. She's his nightly wet dream. The sound of her voice can get him off. He hates her—her wit, her smile, her legs, her kissable mouth. 

Hate turns to lust and lust turns into an affair, but the skeletons in both of their closets start to rattle. And they refuse to be ignored.

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