Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mama Day by Gloria Naylor

This Throwback Thursday feature is one that I remember loving the first time that I read it. It is magical realism combined with a family drama that is done so right! It isn't pretentious in any way. If you want an intro to stories that feature a little fantasy, but set in a more realistic setting Mama Day is a good story to pick up. It doesn't read like hardcore fantasy with wizards and witches, but with more along the line of wise women with gifts, that can sometimes be used in the wrong way. I enjoyed every book that I have read by Gloria Naylor, but this one is one probably my favorite!

Happy Reading!

A fascinating novel that reworks elements of Shakespeare's The Tempest. On the island of Willow Springs, off the Georgia coast, the powers of healer Mama Day are tested by her great niece, Cocoa, a stubbornly emancipated woman endangered by the island's darker forces.

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