Saturday, July 23, 2016

The New Middle by Bonita Thompson

I've been trying to rebuild my physical book collection for about a year now. Because I read across so many genres, AND I'm greedy, AND a cheapie, I like to haunt the bargain sections of bookstores, various online vendors, thrift stores, flea markets, and I recently went to my first library book sale which was lots of fun. (You can see my library book haul post here) I really like hardback and trade size paperbacks, so there's no way that I could afford to get all of my books brand new and pay $15-$30 a piece. Luckily for me, I actually enjoy hunting for what I want and I'm always on the look out for a new to me authors and books. I've had a lot of luck, which means that I am collecting books faster than I can possibly read them; especially since I already have a massive amount of ebooks to get through as well. This is a wonderful problem to have and I'm not complaining! 

That being said, I can't remember when exactly I picked this one up, but I'm sure that it was one of my Goodwill finds. It's in beautiful condition and the spine isn't cracked. I find many books in excellent condition and this was good find. It was only a dollar because it's a paperback. At most Goodwill stores they don't distinguish between mass market and trade paperbacks, if it's a paperback it's a buck! Unfortunately for me, there are no used bookstores in my area. It's a tragedy that I bemoan quite often! I am lucky that the Goodwill stores near me usually have lots of books to look through so I still get to hunt for book goodness. If you don't visit your local thrift stores get out there and find your own book goodness!

Happy Reading!

Five middle-aged characters face the randomness of fate while learning to let go of the past in this compelling, contemporary tale that illuminates the joys and woes of midlife.

The parents of two lovely teenage daughters, Dianne and Torrick feel blessed and secure. But behind the fa├žade of their seemingly ideal life, the couple’s once rock-solid marriage is slowly beginning to crumble. Dianne becomes overwhelmed by the emotional ups and downs of menopause, while Torrick becomes more and more distracted by the demands of his private security business. Will the couple find a way to repair what’s been broken, or will their restlessness tear the family apart?

Jacqueline is a savvy, stunningly attractive consultant at a high-profile company. Single and childless, her life is shaped by her success. When a close friend dies of cancer, she starts to feel the isolation of reaching midlife without a family. Uncharacteristically vulnerable, she makes a decision that transforms her life in more ways than one…

Phoebe has spent the better part of her life traveling the world. When the housing market collapses and she loses her sprawling beach bungalow, she moves in with her goddaughter. Then a new man, Joseph, enters her life, but Phoebe feels she’s out of his league. As a friendship develops between them, she starts to feel pangs of regret for giving her child up for adoption. Can Joseph, a lonely widower and father of two, offer any help, or will Phoebe be left on her own to deal with her regrets of the past?

From marriage, children, and career, to being single, widowed, facing death, and reinventing oneself, this character-driven tale explores the depth of regret, loneliness, isolation, and angst. Whether or not you’ve reached midlife, The New Middle is a compelling novel that will have you laughing and crying alongside its unforgettable characters until the very end.


  1. I cant remember that last Zane book I read, love ths cover and I hope you get to read it soon!

    1. The last one I read was addicted and it wasn't my favorite. I haven't read anything by Bonita Thompson before, but I'm hoping that it's a good quick read. Thanks for stopping by Sharonda!


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