Friday, August 12, 2016

The Short Game (Par For The Course Book 1) by J.L. Campbell

I missed The Short Game's release day on June 28th and just saw it being promoted by the author on an update feed on Facebook. This sounds like a cute, quick, friends to lovers romance which always makes for a good weekend read. So check it out while it's the bargain price of only 99 cents, I'm sure that price is for a limited time!

Happy Reading!

Garth Chu is on his way to having the most sought-after video production outfit in Kingston, Jamaica. Everything is lining up well, including his relationship with his current girlfriend—until his mother starts pressuring him to get married. He has no intention of giving up his freedom to fit in with his parents' desire for him to settle down and run the family business, but his girl, Nadine, has other ideas and starts a crusade to get Garth to propose. 

Anna-Lise Myers has been Garth's golfing buddy for fifteen years and resents Nadine's intrusion on their friendship. When Garth is injured in an accident, his friends rally round him, but things take an unexpected turn. Anna-Lise discovers feelings she's never admitted to having and Garth can't remember when Anna-Lise went from sister-friend to potential lady-love. A hot and disastrous interlude between Garth and Anna-Lise forces them to decide whether they want to risk their friendship and take a chance on happy-ever-after. 

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