Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lion's Blood (Insh'Allah Book 1) by Steven Barnes

I haven't read this series yet, but I'll be ordering books one and two and will give them a go. I know that there have been a few books written featuring slavery with the reversal of roles between Africans and Europeans. There's just so much book goodness out there ya'll!

Happy Reading!


n this alternate world where the center of culture and power shifted to Africa, white slaves work for black masters. Set in the mid nineteenth century in a primarily Islamic America, LION’S BLOOD tells of a bond between Kai, son of a powerful leader and plantation owner, and Aidan, brought from the British Isles by slave traders to work on the planation. As both grow to manhood, conflicts arise, and both are caught up in a war with invading Aztecs to the South. Kai’s conflicted feelings and Aidan’s longing for freedom are part of the broad canvas in this fascinating story of an alternate America. 

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