Wednesday, October 19, 2016

La Dolce Vita (Battaglia Mafia Series Book 7) by Sienna Mynx Review

For me, La Dolce Vita is a good example of why I enjoy this series. There are lots of moving parts that kept me engaged in what was happening. Seeing subplots flow together even after they seem to veer from the main story was really nice. Mynx has started to take some of the looser threads of the story line that seemed extraneous at first and has begun to pull and tighten them so that we are starting to see the bigger picture. There are occurrences in La Dolce Vita that seem as if they were going one way and Mynx throws a 'not so fast' that moves the story in a new direction. Giovanni has a long game that he's not shared with anyone. He's doling out information on a need to know basis which makes it much more exciting to read. As a reader I love when I think I know how things are about to play out and end up being a little wrong. 

In La Dolce Vita Mynx delivers on her promise that this will be the transition book that will set the series on the fast track to it's conclusion. It seems as though everyone and everything is coming undone. Giovanni and Mirabella face their pasts, struggle to find a way to accept their contentious problems that plague their lives, all while trying to plan for a future that keeps their entire family safe and intact. Lorenzo and Marietta are scrambling to keep their shared secret from seeing the light of day. Marietta is trying to manipulate everyone, including her own sister in order to protect Lorenzo. Lorenzo's guilt and determination to make things right is causing him to act with increasing desperation and recklessness. Domi and Catalina come to a crossroads in their relationship that may have no way back. Carlo is facing his own weakness that he didn't realize he had before his trip to America and the fall out with Shae. Carlo is also forced to make a difficult choice when it comes to where his loyalties lie. There are no wasted characters in the Battaglia series. Mynx uses all of her secondary characters really well and they all play into the bigger picture. 

There is so much that needs to be resolved in the upcoming books and I am very much looking forward to experiencing the final loops on this roller coaster of a series. Things ended dramatically in La Dolce Vita which left me ready for the next installment. There's a promise made at the end that I am going to glory in seeing fulfilled. So if I enjoyed this so much, why not a five star rating? There are enough grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure problems that they are noticeable and were sometimes disruptive to the flow of reading. 

Happy Reading!

Someone powerful will fall. 
Someone greedy will die. 
Someone guilty will lose it all. 

Destiny has sealed their fate as husband and wife, but nothing has changed the Don. No evil will ever come between him and Mirabella again. Or so he thinks. Don Giovanni Battaglia has sacrificed all he intends to for la famiglia. The only obsession he has now is to preserve the love of his Bella Donna and protect his little brown, blue-eyed babies from his world. A vow he swore the Mafia could never divide. While she screams in the night from nightmares inflicted on her during her kidnapping and torture, he whispers new promises in her ear of la dolce vita. And his guilt driven by grief to cure her of the madness in her mind turns his inner demons on them both. They were to have a new beginning. The good life. But secrets both inside and outside of la camorra soon prove that love of family, love of la camorra, love of each other, may not be enough... 

Don Armando Mancini, Giovanni’s sworn enemy since they were kids, now possesses evidence of Lorenzo’s betrayal. Will he use his power to destroy the Don or does he have an even deeper desire inside? Isabella believes the final trap is set to avenge her father’s death and kill the Don. But her arrogance and years of manipulations finally catch up to her. Lorenzo Battaglia’s lie and betrayals close in on him, and his pregnant wife will do anything to protect them both. Mirabella wishes to take her family to America. Share her painful past. In doing so she and her sister uncover secrets so deeply buried in their family, they can either destroy or free them both. Blood will spill, love will be the ultimate casualty as hate and revenge consume the Battaglias. The good life is what they all want. But staying alive, staying in love, staying a family, may not be the life they deserve. 

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