Thursday, December 29, 2016

Boss by Sienna Mynx

Two men are dead—and more deaths will follow. The witness to the crime is a young woman found at the scene with bare bloody feet, dressed in men’s clothing, and an unbelievable story to tell. Kassandra Turner is on a quest for revenge after surviving a terrible childhood trauma. And her primary target is a ruthless Texan named Tarek Marshall with an even darker past. He isn’t easily fooled or seduced by a pretty face. After their first encounter Tarek sees through her seduction—he knows she can’t be trusted. Ignoring the warning of a co-conspirator Kassandra takes a job in Tarek Marshall’s company. Her naiveté and his thirst for power lures her into a dangerous spiral toward family secrets and bloody ties certain to end in murder. 

Who is playing whom? 

Soon Kassandra finds herself trying to escape a high stakes game of murder, corruption, and wicked, unrelenting passion that even her righteous cause could not prevent. Tarek Marshall could be her savior, or the devil himself. Boss is an addictively sexy, thrilling tale of purest of love and the darkest side of lust. With corruption and enough mayhem to keep the reader turning the page for more. 

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