Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Like One of The Family by Alice Childress

This re-release is one of the books that is on my most anticipated releases list. I'll be snagging this one and hopefully reading it soon. Alice Childress is another author that I want to read that I really should  have by now. So many books to get to!

A new edition of Alice Childress’s classic novel about African American domestic workers, featuring a foreword by Roxane Gay

First published in Paul Robeson’s newspaper, Freedom, and composed of a series of conversations between Mildred, a black domestic, and her friend Marge, Like One of the Family is a wry, incisive portrait of working women in Harlem in the 1950’s. Rippling with satire and humor, Mildred’s outspoken accounts vividly capture her white employers’ complacency and condescension—and their startled reactions to a maid who speaks her mind and refuses to exchange dignity for pay.

Upon publication the book sparked a critique of working conditions, laying the groundwork for the contemporary domestic worker movement. Although she was critically praised, Childress’s uncompromising politics and unflinching depictions of racism, classism, and sexism relegated her to the fringe of American literature. Like One of the Family has been long overlooked, but this new edition, featuring a foreword by best-selling author Roxane Gay, will introduce Childress to a new generation.


  1. Thanks for bringing this one to our attention - looking forward to checking it out.


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