Monday, February 27, 2017

Noir (Pack Rulez Book 10) by Kassanna

Deuce offers his service to the highest bidder and lately Colonel Malachai has been the man footing the bill. But now the insane ex-soldier has tasked him with an assignment he may not be able to come back from...who was he kidding he is a freaking lion and his species wasn't called the King of the jungle for no reason. He'll do the job, collect his pay and go ghost because after this even his friends will become his enemies.

Noir is the only name she goes by. Cajun transplants from Canada, she and her twin Lumiere are part of the Wolverine sneak. Actually, her clan had to relocate since they pretty much decimated the Rabbit herd...but hey, the Goddess shouldn't have made those bunny shifter's taste so damn good. Still as a sentry she had a job to do and currently that was training the children of Betaille how to survive in the swamp. Things could be worse she could be stuck in Volkshire like her sister. 
Another day in swamp paradise, she was happy until a lion shifter darkened her doorstep and tried the unthinkable, to claim her. Hard as she might try to keep her beast under control it was time to show the lion why animals didn't screw with a wolverine. He would get a dose of crazy he wasn’t prepared for...war has begun.

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