Monday, February 27, 2017

The Wedding by Sienna Mynx

When Collette “Coco” Larue and her best friend Georgie decide to rebel from their privileged lives and overbearing parents there is only one place the girls have in mind. The fast-paced, seedy, jazz and blues nightlife of the New Orleans, French Quarter. In the deepest annals off of Dauphine Street is a backdoor club called the Bone Room. There a Cajun with the soul of a blues man and the deadly charm of an olive skinned, dark haired, lothario awaits. Collette is immediately seduced by Byran ‘Brick’ Bondurant’s suave, bad boy charm—and his saxophone. After a night of dancing and flirting their game of cat and mouse turns on them both. The awe-struck lovers succumb to passion so intense both she and he are left quaking with a sexual fever, and addictive lust. The problem is Collette is promised to another. And an Acadian Cajun tied to the most ruthless crime family southern Louisiana could never be accepted into her world. Promised to marry a man she’s never even kissed let alone loved Collette’s need to escape the schemes of her father drives her deeper into a world of danger and darkness eventually turning her life inside out.

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