Monday, March 20, 2017

Starletta Duvall Mystery Series by Judith Smith-Levin

I discovered Judith Smith-Levin by accident last year and immediately grabbed the four books in her Starletta Duvall series. I still haven't read them yet, but I will be reading them very soon. My family is getting ready to do another military move and I am going to pack a box of books, along with my Kindle of course, to see me through the next few months of craziness! Smith-Levin sadly passed away in 2009, but her work lives on and I am looking forward to diving into the world that she created. Judith Smith-Levin had some unique life experiences that made her a very interesting woman. I found an interview she gave back in 2008 that I'm sharing. Unfortunately, these do no seem to be available as eBooks, but you can find the physical copies relatively cheaply and easily. 

Do Not Go Gently ((Starletta Duvall Mystery #1) Tough, black, and beautiful, Starletta Duvall is the best police lieutenant the force has seen in years. But when a serial killer goes haywire and begins mutilating and murdering women who fit Starletta's own profile--successful black professionals--she takes it very personally.

The Hoodoo Man ((Starletta Duvall Mystery #2) They said he was immortal. But his killer knew better. . . .

Desmond St. John, the legendary, supposedly immortal, Haitian voodoo priest known as the Hoodoo Man, is found bound to his bed. Six bullet holes forming a perfect cross have been drilled into his naked, buffed body.

Homicide detective Lieutenant Starletta Duvall has her hands full tracking St. John's killer--and trying to keep her cool with NYPD Sergeant Lisel Werner. The icy blonde has her eyes on Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Mitchell Grant, just as his relationship with Star is heating up. She also seems more than familiar with their prime suspect, a convicted murderer. As the body count rises, Star finds herself caught in a web of voodoo, magic, and terror, artfully spun by a spellbinding killer. . . .

Green Money (Starletta Duvall Mystery #3) For homicide detective Lieutenant Starletta Duvall and her partner, Dominic Parisi, the torching of a homeless woman is a random act of unspeakable violence. The autopsy, however, turns up an enigmatic calling card, suggesting that the crime scene's chilling proximity to the exclusive prep school is no coincidence. Before Star and Dom can prove their gut instincts, another corpse is found. When the killer delivers the third victim gift-wrapped, a lethal and increasingly perverse game seems afoot.

But appearances can be deceiving. . . .

Reckless Eyeballin' (Starletta Duvall Mystery #4) For Cynthia Chapin-Rayner, the world was filled with wealth and power. Marriage to billionaire corporate raider, Dan Rayner, provided her with everything; everything except love. That she found in the arms of another man. A love so filled with passion and desire that she surrendered everything to keep it, including her life.

Cynthia Chapin-Rayner's nude and battered body is found in the woods near her vast estate. The socialite has suffered a death so violent and brutal that even hardened detectives are horrified. On the case, Homicide Lieutenant Starletta Duvall and her partner Sergeant Dominic Paresi follow a trail that leads them behind closed doors and into the lives and secrets of some of the city's most prominent citizens. Before long what they find gives new meaning to the phrase "everyone has something to hide." In a world where everything, including life itself, has a price tag, the two detectives find themselves looking into the eyes of evil . . . in a very familiar face.

(If you do not want to watch the monologue, skip to 00:40.)

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