Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Augustown by Kei Miller

I am very much looking forward to reading Augustown, however I am going to order the UK edition when I get resettled simply because I like the cover MUCH better than the American edition. Why in the world did they change it? The UK version is colorful and would make me pick the book up and turn it over to read the synopsis. The U.S. cover isn't as appealing to me. Publishers often tailor book covers to different markets, but in this case I think that they missed the mark. Here's the UK cover. What do you think?

11 April 1982: a smell is coming down John Golding Road right alongside the boy-child, something attached to him, like a spirit but not quite. Ma Taffy is growing worried. She knows that something is going to happen. Something terrible is going to pour out into the world. But if she can hold it off for just a little bit longer, she will. So she asks a question that surprises herself even as she asks it, "Kaia, I ever tell you bout the flying preacherman?"

Set in the backlands of Jamaica, Augustown is a magical and haunting novel of one woman’s struggle to rise above the brutal vicissitudes of history, race, class, collective memory, violence, and myth.

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