Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Cold Flash (Muriel Mabley #2) by Carrie H. Johnson Review

Cold Flash picks up immediately following the events in Hot Flash, and we find Muriel still adjusting to her new more hands on and stressful role as guardian to not only her own son, but her twin nieces as well. Johnson wastes no time in throwing the reader right into the thick of all of the turmoil surrounding Muriel's personal life. Muriel is balancing the care of her precocious nieces, her son's unwitting involvement with a friend with dangerous baggage, a best friend who is not only battling a life threatening disease, but who is also having a relationship crisis with the man she loves, the missing daughter of her former neighbor who is more like family than just a neighbor, and Muriel's own love life is being strained in a dangerous way. If that's not enough drama for you, Johnson also incorporates gang violence, the heroine epidemic that many communities are facing, and a brand new enthusiastic partner for Muriel who is determined to not only do his job well, but to support his new partner whether she wants it or not. On top of everything that is happening to Muriel in the present, we also get significant information about Muriel's past and how that has shaped the woman that she is today. 

Cold Flash is very much a sequel and you need to read Hot Flash first before diving into to this one. (You can read my review of Hot Flash here.) If you enjoy smart female leads who are mature and dealing with real life issues as part of your thrillers, I would recommend treating yourself and picking up these fast paced reads. I'm adding Cold Flash on my favorite reads list right along with Hot Flash. 


Muriel doesn t have the option to cool her life down to manageable chaos. She s juggling a high pressure job, her extended family, and a deepening romance with Calvin, an advocate for troubled youth. And with heroin deaths epidemic throughout Philly, she's got her hands full stopping a related killing spree that's taking out gang members and innocent victims alike 


But soon Calvin's unofficial search for the drug's source raises the stakes on the case dangerously higher and brings it tragically close to home. Now, with both her reputation and her family in the crosshairs, Muriel will have to aim for justice more merciless than duty and risk suffering the most chilling of consequences. 

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