Friday, May 19, 2017

Something Like Love (Serendipitous Love Book 6) by Christina C Jones

Christina C. Jones is an author that I keep saying that I am going to start reading, and for some reason I haven't. I have the first book in this series on my Kindle and I seriously need to read it. Many of the people that I follow have read and enjoyed her stories, so I am obviously missing out. I enjoy reading across a lot of genres, but the negative to that is missing out on good writers that really should be part of my reading list. 

What attracts me to these stories is that they seem to feature relatable African American characters who are facing family and career issues that are realistic and not too far fetched. If you are looking to add more African American stories to your shelf, don't be like me, pick up one of Christina C. Jones' books right away and get on what seems to be plenty of book goodness!

Eddie is arrogant, quite vain and slick at the mouth - or simply confident, discerning, and unafraid to speak his mind, if you ask him. Astrid is annoyingly perky, unpolished, and a little delusional about Eddie’s attraction to her - or, according to her, energetic, authentic, and absolutely spot on about the driving factor of a certain local tattoo artist’s “hatred” of her. 
Undeniable attraction. 

They may think they’re opposite, but have more in common than they think. For both of them, finding a connection that is deeper than surface-level is rare. Someone they can learn from, grow with, someone who can show them things they haven’t seen before and feel things they’ve never felt, with anyone. 

No labels, no boxes. 

Just…maybe… something like love.

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