Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Song and the Silence by Yvette Johnson

This new memoir sounds intriguing. When I get around to reading this I will be going in blind. I have never seen the documentary Mississippi: A Self-Portrait, but it sounds fascinating. I'll have to go looking for it when I get resettled. 

In this moving memoir, Yvette Johnson travels to the Mississippi Delta to uncover true the story of her late grandfather Booker Wright whose extraordinary act of courage would change both their lives forever.

“Have to keep that smile,” Booker Wright said in the 1966 NBC documentary Mississippi: A Self-Portrait. At the time, Wright spent his evenings waiting tables for Whites at a local restaurant and his mornings running his own business. The ripple effect from his remarks would cement Booker as a civil rights icon because he did the unthinkable: before a national audience, Wright described what life truly was like for the Black people of Greenwood, Mississippi.

Four decades later, Yvette Johnson, Wright’s granddaughter, found footage of the controversial documentary. No one in her family knew of his television appearance. Even more curious for Johnson was that for most of her life she’d barely heard mention of her grandfather’s name. 

Born a year after Wright’s death and raised in a wealthy San Diego neighborhood, Johnson admits she never had to confront race the way Southern Blacks did in the 1960s. Compelled to learn more about her roots, she travels to Greenwood, Mississippi, a beautiful Delta town steeped in secrets and a scarred past, to interview family members and townsfolk about the real Booker Wright. As she uncovers her grandfather’s compelling story and gets closer to the truth behind his murder, she also confronts her own conflicted feelings surrounding race, family, and forgiveness.

Told with powerful insights and harrowing details of civil rights–era Mississippi, The Song and the Silence is an astonishing chronicle of one woman’s passionate pursuit of her own family’s past. In the stories of those who came before, she finds not only a new understanding of herself, but a hopeful vision of the future for all of us. 


Yvette said...

Hey there, I wrote "The Song and the Silence" in such a way that whether the reader knows the history or not, they can still enjoy this read. So, no worries about not having seen the film, etc. I do hope you love this book! Yvette

ReaderMonica said...

Thanks so much for stopping by Yvette! I'm looking forward to reading The Song and the Silence.

s.bole said...

I read it and I loved it. It enlightened me.-Susan

ReaderMonica said...

I'm so glad that it was good! I need to get a copy so that I can read it sometime in the near future. Thanks for stopping by!

Yvette said...

How can I get a copy over to you?

Yvette said...

Thank you, Susan!!!

ReaderMonica said...

Yvette, thanks for stopping by my blog, I really appreciate it! You can email me at monlatable@gmail.com and I can give you my information.

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