Thursday, June 29, 2017

NAGO, His Mississippi Queen by Theodora Taylor Review

I enjoyed Nago, His Mississippi Queen; it is a pretty fast paced read with characters that I wanted to see overcome their obstacles and end up happy. I liked Nago's and Halle's story as well as Joseph's and Maggie's, but I would have liked to have gotten more of both. Although connected to Halle's family history, so not really out of place within this story, I think that I would have enjoyed it more if Joseph and Maggie had their own full length book so that their story could have been more complete. For me, it felt like their story needed to be told, so it was wedged around Nago's and Halle's story. Maybe I'm just being a greedy reader and wanting more than what is necessary for what was meant for the story to have at all. 

I also would have liked more information filled in on Nago's time away, Halle's struggle to keep her kingdom running, as well as more detail about Halle's kingdom and her relationships with the people she lived among for so long as they all struggled under her father's neglectful rule. Again, I could just be asking for more than is needed for a sexy paranormal romance, because it is most definitely a paranormal romance that delivered on being an enjoyable read. 

I’m still not exactly sure how a nobody like me managed to catch the eye of a billionaire alpha prince. But Nago Nightwolf was the sweetest, gentlest, most wonderful boyfriend a poor she-wolf from a mange state pack could ever ask for…until I needed him most. Then he disappeared from my life without so much as an apology. I thought it was true love. But all he truly wanted was to get in my pants before ghosting out. 

Can you blame me for never wanting to fall again? 

And yeah, participating in a Chivaree--a barbaric ritual during which I give my hand in marriage, and a baby, to whoever catches me first--isn't the most civilized way to declare I'm over the "one who ran away." But hey, it's not like I believe in true love anymore, so why not help secure the future of my state pack with the money a Chivaree auction will bring in? 

But then Nago Nightwolf shows up on the eve of my Chivaree, determined to win me. No matter what anyone else says...including me. 

I’m exasperated. 

I’m furious. 

But most of all, I’m scared he’ll get what he wants…only to destroy me all over again. 

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