Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Lost Vampire (Last True Vampire #5) by Kate Baxter Review

I read The Lost Vampire during a road trip and it was a good choice as a vacation read. The story is evenly paced which made it easy to pick up and put down. Although it is book five in a series, I was able to read and enjoy it as a stand alone story. However, because this story takes place further into the series, there were instances where more context would have provided better understanding for Saeed's history.  

Cerys and Saeed are both in bad situations that feel inescapable to them. Cerys is basically enslaved to Rinieri who controls her by holding her soul captive and using her powers for his own purposes. I enjoyed Cerys as a character; she has the strength of will to do whatever is needed to take care of herself in a horrible situation. She does not come off as weak or beaten down, but instead as a woman who is surviving in a position that would break most people. It was also nice that Cerys doesn't instantly fall for Saeed and look to him to save her. Instead, Saeed becomes a steady force that she can eventually count on to help her reclaim her soul. 

The Lost Vampire has plenty of action to move the story along as well as the building of a romance between two complicated people. There is also the buildup of the story that will probably be the next installment of the series. So although Cerys and Saeed's story comes to a nice conclusion, I was left interested in what will happen next. Because I enjoyed The Lost Vampire, I think that I will at some point go back and start at the beginning of this series so that I can get the other stories that lead up to this point. 

**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**

Soul mate--or tragic fate? 

Once one of the oldest dhampirs in existence, Saeed now faces a treacherously uncertain future as a vampire. He believes that the only thing that can restore his position within his coven and tether his lost soul is the flame-haired fae who is destined to be his mate.

Cerys Bain is a soul thief. She is feared by those who dwell in the supernatural realm--and hopelessly bound to the ruthless mage Rinieri de Rege. The raw, sensual vampire who enters her world is both a threat and an intoxicating temptation: No one has ever made Cerys feel the way Saeed does. But to claim their fate as soulmates, Saeed must first find a way to free Cerys from Rin. Is their desire worth the risk of certain destruction--and eternal doom?

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