Thursday, February 1, 2018

My 2018 #ReadSoulLit TBR

Happy Black History Month! I am celebrating all month long by participating in the #ReadSoulLit daily photo challenges over on Instagram again and joining in the read-along of Tar Baby by Toni Morrison. You can see my post about the read-along here. Today is the kickoff of the challenge. Day one is to share my TBR for the month. You all know that I stink at sticking to TBR's, but I'm pretty sure that I can successfully do this one. I picked one book from the genres that I enjoy the most so it shouldn't be too hard!

I am going to re-read The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin since I really want to read the entire trilogy this year. 

What it's about: 

Yeine Darr is an outcast from the barbarian north. But when her mother dies under mysterious circumstances, she is summoned to the majestic city of Sky. There, to her shock, Yeine is named an heiress to the king. But the throne of the Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is not easily won, and Yeine is thrust into a vicious power struggle with cousins she never knew she had. As she fights for her life, she draws ever closer to the secrets of her mother's death and her family's bloody history.

With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, Yeine will learn how perilous it can be when love and hate - and gods and mortals - are bound inseparably together.

 A Darker Shade of Crimson by Pamela Thomas-Graham is the first book in the Ivy League mystery series that I want to start. 

What it's about:

The dean of students, a black woman, is murdered in Harvard University. The body is discovered by her friend, Nikki Chase, and in the course of her investigation Nikki, a black economics professor, hears that the victim may have been having an affair with the college president.The new president of Harvard University becomes a prime suspect in the death of Rosezella Maynette Fisher, the opinionated, African American Dean of Students at Harvard Law School, and it is up to economics professor and amateur sleuth Veronica Chase to solve the crime

And last, but not least is Bella Mafia by Sienna Mynx. It's the latest installment in the Battaglia Mafia series that I have been hooked on the last few years. These have to be read in order, so if you are new to the series start with book one, Destino. It's only 99 cents as an ebook so it's a bargain!

What it's about:

Cold hearted....
Sworn to revenge...
La donna nera รจ il capo...

The capu di tutti capi has fallen by an assassins’ bullet. If he does recover it is unlikely he will be the same. The doctor's tell Mirabella to prepare for the worst. His capu’s warn her to prepare for war. The Italian authorities want her to turn over his criminal organization for amnesty for the reward of safe passage with her children back to America. After five years of living in the shadow of as his life as his Mafia bride she only one choice. Defy them all and enter her husband’s world to save him. With his life in the balance Donna Mirabella Battaglia claims power over the most ruthless Camorra crime family in Southern Italy. And many are not happy about it. She takes a new vow the darkest one every shared in a marriage. Destroy them all by any means necessary and save his life. Truths, buried for generations surface. The assassin who pulled the trigger is named. Her world spirals out of control as men both powerful and deadly try to seduce and break her.

Cold hearted...
Sworn to revenge...

La Donna Nera will fight for their family and their empire to the bitter end.

I think that I have covered all of my bases and this will be an awesome reading month. I may even be able to squeeze in a few more reads and an audio book or two! 

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