Tuesday, February 13, 2018

#ReadSoulLit Day 13: 'Food' for Thought

If you follow me even a little, then you already knew that I was going to figure out a way to use the Broken Earth series in the #ReadSoulLit challenge! This series provides it's readers with plenty of things to mull over while reading and the story will linger for a long time after turning the last page. 

The Broken Earth series is not 'just' a fantasy series. Jemisin explores so many themes that I am sure I will pick up on more when I read them again; and there is no doubt that this will be re-read by me. Jemisin dives into the sometimes restrictive role that gender plays when defining identity and status, the fear of 'otherness' that feeds prejudice and bigotry, and where the line of responsibility to yourself and others should be drawn. She explores how much does one person have to give before it's just too much of a sacrifice. 

The reader gets to see the importance of family that is bound by blood and one that is formed by choice or circumstance. Jemisin shows just why someone can and will cling to the person who hurts them because that same person is essential to their survival. She also shines a sometimes a harsh light on family relationships, particularly between mother and daughter. Jemisin plays on generational differences when solving a major crisis. The difference in the lenses that a person with practical and hard learned experience sees things through as opposed to a person without the taint of those learned lessons who can see things from a different angle. 

I am not saying that the Broken Earth series is an easy series to read, but it is beautifully done and worth the time and effort. Once you get your bearings this series is one that will sweep you away and give you a roller coaster ride of emotions. 

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