Monday, February 26, 2018

#ReadSoulLIt Day 26: Book and Music

Today's challenge is Book and Music and I'm taking you all back in time to 1978 for the music and 2002 for the book. For many of us growing up in the 70's and 80's Saturday morning meant helping with cleaning the house before any real fun began outside. In my house we listened to LOTS of Blues and R&B and when my mother said turn off the T.V. and she turned on the radio, we all knew to get started on our chores. When I ran across Love Don't Live Here Anymore by Denene Millner and Nick Chiles on my shelf while trying to figure out what to do for today's challenge, I knew that I had found my winner. Love Don't Live Here Anymore by Rose Royce was part of the soundtrack for my childhood and brings back many fond memories. I was 7 when it released, but I've heard this song throughout my life. Just hearing the opening bars will make me say "Awwwwww, yeah!" I dare you to listen to any part of this song and not sway in your seat! Out of all of the challenges so far, this one may have put the biggest smile on my face!

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