Tuesday, February 27, 2018

#ReadSoulLit Day 27: A Book to Cozy Up With

In case you didn't already know, I am pretty dang good at getting cozy with every book that I read, so I am being a little free and loose with today's challenge. Instead of featuring one book to get cozy with, I am showing where I do my cozying. This is my corner of the sofa and it's resplendent. That's right, I said RESPLENDENT! It's chaise-like so not only can I stretch out, but my Bubba has his space to lounge too. If you can't tell by Bubba's easy position, this is HIS spot and no one else is allowed to sit there. If you do he will promptly jump up next to you and continue to scoot until you get the hint that you need to move your caboose! I have not one, but two blankets. A quilted blanket that Bubba lounges on and a heated throw underneath in case I feel like warming up just that little bit more. I even have a small table that I use to hold my drink of the moment and my books. So, yes, I am bragging a bit on my cozy spot that I enjoy so much. One day, I hope to have a room that I can turn into a library and have an entire cozy space! 

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