Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Photo Challenge Day 2: Book And A Bag

It's day 2 of the For Colored Girls Book Club photo challenge: feature a book and a bag. I don't own fancy expensive purses because A) I'm cheap as hell and B) I am abusive to my bags. I toss them around, over stuff them and I am just generally abusive to them. But this one is a favorite. It's a pretty orange-red color which is perfect for fall and it's just big enough to put whatever I feel that I need in it but still small enough not to feel like I am carrying around a tote bag! 

I am also showcasing a mass market copy of Between Friends by Sandra Kitt. It is one of my Goodwill scores from the summer. Mass markets are my least favorite form of books because they don't feel as good in my hands as the larger trade books. The spines crack easily and the fonts tend to be small. However they are truly the perfect size to stash in a purse to have a physical book to read on the go!

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