Monday, January 21, 2019

Brunch At Ruby's by D.L. White: Review


I really loved listening to this audio book. Sharell Palmer did an excellent job bringing the characters to life. White created three female characters that are so familiar and relatable that I found myself being able to relate strongly to all of them. I don't share the same personality as Maxine, but I swear there were times when I could hear one of my sisters talking and behaving in the exact same way that she does. Maxine is high maintenance and proud of it. Debra and Renee are both dealing with life altering problems that have completely shaken up their worlds. Debra because of her own actions and Renee because of a disease that so many families are having to face. 

I love that White has given us a well written story about grown ass women with grown ass problems and facing them in a realistic manner. Even when the women make less than stellar choices I could understand why they made that fool's choice. I am so mad at myself for having looked at this book and not stopped to pick it up. I'm also glad that I chose to listen to it instead of read it. I don't consume nearly enough AA/black audio books and BRUNCH AT RUBY'S checked all my contemporary fiction boxes. 

I see that this has been categorized as romance, but I would say that even if you aren't a romance fan this is a good one to pick up. White focuses much more on the relationships among the women and their individual problems than the physical intimacies among couples. Although there are some intimate scenes. 

I am moving on to DINNER AT SAM'S as my next audio book which features Vanessa's story. Vanessa is a real estate agent who works for Maxine and is briefly mentioned at the end of BRUNCH AT RUBY'S, but she slides in with a significant dilemma. I am interested in how she is going to get through the situation that she has found herself in. If you have been skipping over this one-stop it! At the time I am writing this review this book is at the ridiculously cheap price of 99 cents at Amazon so go grab a copy! 


  1. Thank you so much for reading Ruby's and for your review! Much appreciated!

  2. Realistic and still romantic is my sweet spot; I'll be adding this to my "To Read" list!

  3. Gothic Pioneer Woman I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did!


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