Friday, April 23, 2021

Summer on the Bluffs (Oak Bluffs #1) by Sunny Hostin: Review


I enjoyed the story's premise and appreciated Hostin's smooth and readable writing, this is would be a good choice for vacation/long weekend reading. I picked this up with the intention of just reading a few pages last week and ended up finishing it the next day. The characters are all interesting, but like most books that have multiple point of views there were perspectives that I wish I had gotten more from. it appears that this is going to be a series, so maybe the following books will focus on the other women that have been brought together as a family.

Hostin touches on colorism in this story but does it so lightly that it didn't feel adequately addressed. I also wasn't a fan of how Olivia's (the only dark skinned woman in the group) relationship with a white man played out. Especially since I didn't really like the personality that he was given. I also don't generally like cheating in a story even when it's not a romance and that's an issue for another of the featured women.

Although, there were some issues that kept me from loving this one, I will continue the series. Hostin's writing kept me engaged even through events/tropes that I don't typically enjoy.

***I received a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.***

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