Friday, October 22, 2021

Revelator by Daryl Gregory: Review

Revelator gives full on creepy gothic story vibes without bending into scary/horror territory which I appreciated. The story itself gave me the same feeling I got watching some old school X-Files episodes but set in 1930's Smoky Mountains. Stella is a moonshine running woman with a Black man as her main partner, owner of a still cooking a recipe developed by 'Uncle Dan' to add color and credibility to the quality of her product, and a mission to stay as far away from her disturbing past as possible. We find out at the very beginning of the story that Stella has had very little luck at shaking her past or her legacy as a Birch woman when a sudden death calls her back home. Revelator is creepy enough that I only listened to this in the middle of the day so that it wouldn't be fresh on my mind at bedtime. Creepiness that stems from religious fervor surrounding a supernatural being really gets me. I appreciated that the ending gave me a tingle of 'this ain't even over', not a cliffhanger, just a little something to keep the story alive after the last is told. The narrator Reagan Boggs did an amazing job. She voiced the characters brilliantly and I have to give her a large portion of credit for me enjoying this as much as I did.

***Thank you to Random House Audio for giving me access to this one via their Volumes app.***


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