Sunday, November 14, 2021

Will by Will Smith: Review


I was able to binge listen to the Will Smith memoir and I enjoyed every minute! I pre-ordered the physical book but I also got access to the audio book from Penguin Random House Audio and I am so glad! If you can, I HIGHLY recommend listening to this one. Will narrating it himself makes it wonderful but the addition of music and other audio clips makes this one of the most entertaining audio books that I have experienced. Will reading his own story plays directly into his strengths as a storyteller and entertainer that added emotion and impact to his anecdotes. Is Will Smith a bit self aggrandizing and sometimes comes off a bit boastful? Yes, but witnessing a Black man recognizing and being proud of the amazing things that he has been able to do just does not bother me at all. Smith is self assured and a little boastful in that he knows that many of the things he accomplished were groundbreaking, but he always acknowledges that he in no way got to where is alone or even solely on his own merits. His personal growth and challenges have been interesting to hear from his perspective. I'll have a bit of an audio book hangover now that it's done. I will at some point either listen to it again or read the physical book because there are several things that I wanted to tab and didn't.

***I received an ALC from the publisher.***

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