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Seduction's Canvas (Creative Hearts Book 2) by K.M. Jackson

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“I want to paint you” Artist Samara Leighton had wanted to say those words to the sexy motorcycle rider who lived in the building ever since she first laid eyes on him nearly a year ago. But now that the words were out she couldn't stop her heart from beating wildly in her chest. 

“Honey, you don't have enough paint to cover me.” Security specialist Mark Thorn didn't mean to come off as a hard ass. As a matter of fact, he wanted nothing more than to let the tempting artist from across the hall do whatever she wanted to him and then some. But her haughty demeanor left the normally cool rider off his game. 

Samara knew this was her only chance to live out her long-standing fantasy and she wasn't going to let it slip through her fingers. She had very little time before her show was done and the pressure of her family legacy meant she would finally go through with living out her life under the umbrella of the Leighton name and its responsibilities. There would be no more downtown jaunts, lazy museum afternoons, and evenings spent lost in the magic of color and her canvases. And definitely no time spent holding tight to the muscular form of her dark rider while the horrors of her past and her cares drifted further away with each mile of road they covered. 

Seduction’s Canvas was originally published through Crimson Romance. 
Sensuality Level: Sensua

Christmas and Forever by Delilah Hunt

This IR Christmas romance is on sale for 99 cents for a limited time. 

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To Dr. Aidan Keegan, who has lost a wife and child in a careless accident and seen his career as a heart surgeon come to a blistering halt, Christmas marks the end of a year of loneliness and the beginning of another. Aidan fears not even the delicate stirrings of longing and desire, his young receptionist Liya Emerson incites within him, can thaw the ice around his shattered heart.
Hoping to get away and clear her mind of Dr. Keegan, Liya finds herself up in the mountains at an isolated cabin belonging to none other than Aidan. Determined to break through the layers around his heart, Liya offers herself for three passionate days, without a promise of the future.

But will Aidan be able to see beyond his own pain to the love Liya has to offer and realize that their passion doesn’t have to last for one Christmas only?

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Review The Darkest Touch (Lords of the Underworld #11) by Gena Showalter & Tour

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In THE DARKEST TOUCH we finally get to see if Torin is able to get his HEA. Torin's obstacles to having a fulfilling long term relationship are massive. Torin harboring the demon Disease makes him such a heart wrenching character. His inability to participate in even the most basic physical contact with others made me want him to have a soul mate all that much more. Poor Torin can't risk skin to skin contact with another without infecting them with a disease that would not only kill the person but could quickly spread to others as well. Not even his fellow immortals are completely immune to the power of his Demon therefore making even them unavailabe to Torin. That is until Torin crosses the path of the Red Queen, Keeleycael.

 Keeley is a Curator and although affected by Torin she can withstand and survive contact with him. Keeley is one of the strongest female characters that I have come across and has endured centuries of captivity and has endured some remarkable physical tortures in order to gain her freedom. Torin valiantly tries to fight their mutual attraction and do what he feels is right, but as they spend more time together Torin finds it harder and harder to resist her. One of my favorite lines in the book is when Torin describes Keeley as "A living, breathing Sugar Plum Fairy, Dragon Edition" and that pretty much sums up Keeley. 

THE DARKEST TOUCH was an enjoyable read with plenty of dry wit and sarcastic humor. But surprisingly I didn't enjoy THE DARKEST TOUCH for the reasons that I expected. I am a Showalter fan and wanted Torin's HEA just as much as the next reader, yet I found myself looking forward to the secondary threads more than the main story. There were also situations and knowledge that felt odd. Even with their explanations they didn't feel right. I'm not so sure that the way things were justified was as satisfying as I would have liked, but were acceptable for the most part. It's a nit picky complaint that didn't take away from my overall enjoyment of the story. Although I was happy that Torin and Keeley's story was worked through I found myself becoming much more interested in the secondary characters and the development of their stories that will come down the line. Cameo (Misery)/Lazarus, Baden, Pandora, Cronus, and Rhea, Galen /Legion, William/ Gilly, and Hades are all stories that I am very much looking forward to reading down the line. You get a lot in this book and at almost 500 pages you definitely get your money's worth!

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Book Description:

From New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter comes the long-awaited story of Torin, the most dangerous Lord of the Underworld yet…

Fierce immortal warrior. Host to the demon of Disease. Torin’s every touch causes sickness and death—and a worldwide plague. Carnal pleasure is utterly forbidden, and though he has always overcome temptation with an iron will, his control is about to shatter.

She is Keeley Cael. The Red Queen. When the powerful beauty with shocking vulnerabilities escapes from a centuries-long imprisonment, the desire that simmers between her and Torin is scorching. His touch could mean the end for her, but resisting her is the hardest battle he’s ever fought—and the only battle he fears he can’t win.


They would be a couple, she decided. Touch— pleasure—had been denied her for far too long. A fact his presence had never allowed her to forget. He’d had other girlfriends so he knew how to handle a romantic relationship. They could do this, could make this work. And they would be vigilant, cautious, never courting danger.
All she had to do was get him to agree.
There was no better time to try. “I’m dirty,” she an- nounced. “Absolutely filthy, and I’m going to take a bath.”
“Good for you.” So mocking.
So unaware of his coming fall.
“Be a dear and help me remove my dress,” she said. A strangled sound left him. “It has no ties, no zipper.
You tug it on and off.”
“Well, good news, then. As strong as you are, you shouldn’t have any problems.”

His gaze swept over her and heated. He licked his lips, as if he could already taste her. “What game are you playing, princess?”
“Does it matter?”
“Yes. And why the hell are you looking at me like that?”
“Like what?”
“Like I’m a hero. I’m not a hero. I’m a villain.”
Did he not realize that only made her want him more? “Well, be a good little villain and help me out of my dress.”
“No.” His tone dovetailed into guttural as he added, “I’m not going near you.”
He’s definitely tempted. How thin was his control? “Very well. I’ll near you.” Hips swaying, she closed
the distance between them. She reached out.
He jerked away only to return—closer.
She wrapped her fingers around his wrists and guided his hands to her hips.
He resisted. At first.
“Relax, warrior. We’re protected by our clothes.”
His fingers clenched around her and held on tight. Did he think she would f loat away like a forgotten balloon?
“What’s…next?” he gritted.
Not exactly surrender, but close enough.
She leaned forward, careful as her breath fanned over his ear. “All you need to do is feel good.”
“I can do that.” He tugged her against him. Suddenly they were f lush, the softest parts of her cradling the hard- est parts of him. A growl rose from low in his chest as if, in this stolen moment, he’d regressed into little more than an animal. “I’m doing it right now.”
The Darkest Touch
Copyright © 2014 by Gena Showalter

About the Author

Gena Showalter is a New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author whose books have appeared in Cosmopolitan and Seventeen magazines, as well as Entertainment Weekly. Her novel Red Handed has been optioned by Sony Television. Critics have called her books “sizzling page-turners” and “utterly spellbinding stories,” while Showalter herself has been called “a star on the rise.” Her mix of humor, danger and wickedly hot sex provides wildly sensual page-turners sure to enthrall. 

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Violets & Violence by Morgan Parker Cover Reveal

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Cover Reveal

Book Title: Violets & Violence 
Author: Morgan Parker 
Genre: Romantic Suspense 


 Violet has magical talent. She can levitate, walk through glass, and be in two places at one time. What happens when Violet discovers true magic in the arms of a new man? Luke Kemble enjoys the luxury of having Violet, all of her magic and all of her beauty, all to himself. What happens to Luke's illusion of reality when he and the love of his life are threatened by another man, a dangerous one that holds grudges and anger? Carter Borden never fully recovered from the heartbreak of his ex-wife leaving him. What happens to a damaged man who begins to believe in magic once again? Follow two men -- Luke and Carter -- as they learn the one truth about Violet's magic (that it's an only an illusion) and the one truth about her love (that it's not).

  V&V Release

Meet the Author


As the author of the best-selling mystery romance, Surviving Goodbye, Morgan Parker has written several novels under this pen name. In 2012 and 2013, when he self-published Textual Encounters and Textual Encounters: 2, respectively, he was absolutely floored that anyone would want to read his stories. So he wrote non friction, an unconventional love story. That love story earned Mr. Parker a tremendous amount of attention and at the insistence of his readers, he followed it with Hope (a novella) and Sick Day. All three of those stories have spent time on Amazon best-seller lists. Currently, he is preparing Violets & Violence for publication in late-2014. When not writing, Morgan likes to spend time gathering writing material from his two young children, reading and napping where he discovered the Type II Sleep State, which is the topic for his 2015 release, Anna Graham. Morgan interacts regularly with his readers and friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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Sneak Peek of Mai Tai'd Up (Cocktail #4) by Alice Clayton

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Looking for the perfect mix of smart, sexy, and sassy? Mai Tai’d Up continues New York Times bestselling author Alice Clayton’s Cocktail series, which began with Wallbanger and continued with Rusty Nailed and Screwdrivered.

The gossip mill in the seaside community of Monterey is churning about Chloe Patterson, the newcomer who is starting a sanctuary for rescued pit bulls. It’s rumored that she’s a former beauty queen (true) who ditched her fiancĂ© the morning of their wedding (also true). And that while she’s not looking for a new man, the good-looking local veterinarian has his eye on her. Absolutely, positively true.

When Lucas Campbell isn’t at the family veterinary clinic, he’s paddle boarding in Monterey Bay. Recently single, he’s definitely not in the market for a new relationship, but he still can’t resist taking a second, third, and fourth look at the recent arrival of Miss Golden State.

Neither Lucas nor Chloe has any interest in being tied down. Being tied up, however—now there’s a thought. But are a few Mai Tais, a moonlit night, and the music of Frank Sinatra enough to allow them both to forget their past? Let’s hope Ol’ Blue Eyes knows what he’s doing.

Mix one part tiki, one part kinky, and a splash of old black magic matchmaking, and it’s time to be . . . Mai Tai’d Up. 

Hard to Come By (Hard Ink #3) by Laura Kaye

Hard To Come By Cover

HTCB RDL Banner  

We are beyond thrilled to bring you the Release Day Launch for Laura Kaye's HARD TO COME BY! HARD TO COME BY is the third full length novel in Laura's Hard Ink Series, published by Avon Romance. As a special treat, through December 2, pre-order Hard to Come By or purchase it during release week, and receive exclusive bonus content! Just fill out the quick form here!


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   HTCB Available Now


  Caught between desire and loyalty... Derek DiMarzio would do anything for the members of his disgraced Special Forces team--sacrifice his body, help a former teammate with a covert operation to restore their honor, and even go behind enemy lines. He just never expected to want the beautiful woman he found there. When a sexy stranger asks questions about her brother, Emilie Garza is torn between loyalty to the brother she once idolized and fear of the war-changed man he's become. Derek's easy smile and quiet strength tempt Emilie to open up, igniting the desire between them and leading Derek to crave a woman he shouldn't trust. As the team's investigation reveals how powerful their enemies are, Derek and Emilie must prove where their loyalties lie before hearts are broken and lives are lost. Because love is too hard to come by to let slip away...

HTCB Teaser 1

And don’t miss the other Hard Ink books, now available:

Hard As It Gets

Hard As You Can

Hard to Hold On To

Praise for Hard to Come By: "Rough sex and explosive fights power Kaye's third Hard Ink novel, a thrilling adventure that feels more like an action movie with a romantic subplot than a typical contemporary romance. New readers will head straight for Kaye's backlist after powering through this installment." ~Publishers Weekly Starred Review "TOP PICK! If you're looking for danger, gritty action, and sizzling passion, then Kaye has just the book and the series for you." ~RT Book Reviews Magazine

  HTCB Teaser 2 

  Author Photo

About Laura Kaye: Laura is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over a dozen books in contemporary and paranormal romance. Growing up, Laura’s large extended family believed in the supernatural, and family lore involving angels, ghosts, and evil-eye curses cemented in Laura a life-long fascination with storytelling and all things paranormal. She lives in Maryland with her husband, two daughters, and cute-but-bad dog, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.      

Read an Excerpt (Explicit)