Friday, November 15, 2019

Blogging Hiatus

Thank you to everyone who visited and supported this blog over the years. When I first started attempting to blog back in 2013 I was all over the place and had absolutely no idea what I was doing. As the years went by and I starting blogging about the books that meant the most to me I found my groove and became more focused. However over the last year or so I have come to realize that blogging in this format may not be what is best anymore. I am going to remain active on Instagram (@readermonica) and Twitter (@monicaisreading). If you don't already, I hope that you will follow me there. 

I have learned a lot about myself while blogging. I know that I can figure out how to do anything that I am truly interested in-even adjusting and writing parts of code that once made my eyes cross. I have 'met' some awesome women along the way who are readers, thinkers, and all around interesting people.  This isn't the end of me being part of the book community it's an adjustment that will hopefully coincide with growth. 

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