Friday, August 23, 2013

Destino (The Battaglia Mafia Series 1) by Sienna Mynx Review

This is the first book in the Battaglia Mafia series by Sienna Mynx. The story revolves around the whirlwind love affair between Mira Ellison, a designer on the verge of becoming a successful international designer with her own company which she has just moved to Italy and Giovanni Battaglia who is the Don of a very powerful mafia family. Giovanni is one hot Itlaian alpha male and Mira, despite being overwhelmed by him sometimes, manages to stay a strong willed and independent woman. I know some may think that it's just cliche to have the hot Italian bad boy, but sometimes hot is just hot and Giovanni is hot. A sexy man speaking in Italian, well  it doesn't get a whole lot hotter than that.There are also strong secondary characters in this series and Mynx allows good development of their story lines as well. The books in this series are a reasonable length unlike many IR romances out there that seem to be more short story than novel and the editing is good. I have read all the books in the series and enjoyed seeing how Mynx was able to balance these two strong personalities without making either one look weak or unbelievable. Overall this is a highly entertaining series that I would definitely recommend to any romance reader not just the IR lovers. Mynx is one of my new favorite authors and I will be diving into as many of her books as possible!

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The series in reading order:

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